Harbor Youth Soccer Club
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Harbor Youth Soccer Club serves the Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Cosmopolis, Central Park, and surrounding areas.
Harbor Teams in the Rec Cup!

BU16 HYSC Chelsea is the District 7 Rec Cup BU16 Champion!  They play a wildcard team at their Quarter Final game at Stewart Field on Sunday 12/6, 2 PM.

BU16 HYSC Harbor Storm is the District 7 Rec Cup BU16 Wildcard team.  They play the District 2 BU16 Champion LHSC Corinthians B99 on 12/6, 1 PM, Eastlake HS Stadium, Sammamish.

GU13 HYSC Grizzcats is the District 7 Rec Cup GU13 Wildcard team.  They play the District 2 GU13 Champion Juanita '02 Bumblebees on 12/5, 11:30 AM,  Eastlake HS Stadium, Sammamish.

BU12 HYSC Marquez is the District 7 Rec Cup BU12 Wildcard team.  They will play a wildcard playoff game on Sat 12/5, 4:30, at Kasch Park Field #1 in Everett.  If they win, they will play the quarterfinal game against District 1 Champion on Sunday, 12/6, 1 PM, at Kasch Park Field #1 in Everett.

Congratulations to our teams and good luck!  Go to www.d7soccer.com for more info!

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Get educated about Sudden Cardiac Arrest! 

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Annual Background Checks Required!
Updated date: Sunday, August 9, 2015 6:40 PM

Washington Youth Soccer requires yearly background checks as part of its Risk Management process.  These checks help us to keep all of our kids safe.   

Please complete your RMA background check if you have not submitted one in the 2015-16 seasonal year.  Only RMA-cleared individuals may volunteer with our youth soccer players.